Test, Test, Test

To be honest, when I knew that our assignment was to take the fascination advantage test and write something about it, I felt surprised. I never have someone asked me to write down my thoughts about a personality test.

I have done lots of tests like that before to see my personality. Some tests asked me many questions and then made a conclusion. Some also asked questions, but different choices would jump me to different questions and finally led me to a certain type of personality. Some just gave me a situation and asked me what would I do under that circumstance, and only one choice could see what type of person I am. Some even let me to choose a picture so that they would know me clearly, just like this one below.



I always did these things as a kind of entertainment. Each time I would see some things that match me very much and some other things dislike me at all. I don’t trust these things very much, they are just like the constellations. There are only 12 constellations and some kinds of personalities, but there are billions of people in the world. We can’t just put all people into 12 categories, and likewise, we can’t know what kind of people we are just depend on several simple questions.

But are those tests totally useless? The answer is “No”. Sometimes they can help us know ourselves more clearly and help us know our strengths and weaknesses.

For my fascination advantage test, the conclusion is I am “The Subtle Touch”. My primary advantage is mystique and my second advantage is passion. My dormant advantage is prestige.


I have to say, most of the results match me. Like “I intrigues others with understatement”, “I rarely show inner emotions”, “I can remain calm in situations of pressure” and “I create strong and immediate emotional connections” and so on. Especially for the point that I don’t show my inner emotions. It’s true that I don’t like to tell other people about my personal thoughts. And for the dormant advantage part, it is true that I don’t like to compete with others. Usually I feel satisfied with my own accomplishment. I don’t need to compare with others to see if I do a good job.

But there are also some points that I don’t agree with. The results show I am a humor person which I am not. And I don’t think I usually make careful decisions. In fact, I always make decisions just following my heart. I got a low score with the power aspect. But I like to take control and tell others what to do, especially in the area that I am familiar with.


When I did the test, there were some questions that I was not sure which answer I should choose. So I used to think that the results would not match me very well. But the fact is most of the results match me, and I am very surprised by that. Even though, I still don’t trust these kinds of personality tests. I am already a grown-up and I know what kind of person I am. I will still treat these tests as entertainment and perhaps as I grow up, I will stop doing these kinds of thing.

A very appealing thing about this fascination advantage test is the idea of fascination as a marketer. To be a marketer we need to deal with lots of clients, how to fascinate them within 9 seconds may let us stand out of other competitors. This test is helpful. It gives us some words to describe ourselves and maybe someday we will use those words.


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