It doesn’t sell cookies, but it makes me want to buy more!

Last week I wrote about the Oreo’s homepage on desktops and smart phones, I found out that Oreo has an app, and it’s not like what general snacks apps would be, selling their products or recipes. Oreo’s app is a game, which surprised me a lot. Why would a snack company decide to make an game app instead of developing another selling platform? With that question in my mind, I downloaded the game.


The game’s name is “Twist, Lick, Dunk”, which are the three steps to eat Oreo that I think everyone knows. And the way to play this game is also these three steps. I need to twist and lick as many cookies as possible with my finger when they fly through the air and then dunk the cookies into the glass of milk. A very interesting thing is that when I play, it comes with the sounds that make me feel like I am really twisting, licking and dunking the cookies.


Another interesting setting is that we can use the coins we earn through playing games to unlock the different flavors of the cookies. So at the same time entertaining ourselves, we can also learn about Oreo’s different flavors. The game uses people’s psychological factor that when we play game we want to unlock everything and achieve high score. So when we play it, we can even know more about Oreo’s flavors.


I think this game does a very good job marketing Oreo.

First, when we play the game, we play with Oreo. Game is a very innovative way to market. It keep us so engaged with the brand. We can not only entertain ourselves but also learn about Oreo’s different flavors. The three steps to eat Oreo are deeply into our mind and the game uses these three steps, so when I play it, it makes me feel like I want to follow the steps to eat Oreo too. Also the cookies in the game look very delicious, the game really makes me want to buy some Oreo.

Second, the aesthetic design of the game is very good. It uses blue and white as the main colors, which is coordinate with Oreo’s logo and website. The cartoon characters and the cookies are very fascinating and we can even choose different background when we play it. The good design of the game and the lively back ground music make me want to play it again and again.

Third, the game only takes a little space in our phone. It is only 66 MB, much more smaller than Candy Crash. We can entertain ourselves and kill time with only 66 MB space, why not?

But there is one thing that I find a little annoying about the Oreo game. There are too many advertisements in this app. Every time I finish the game, an add will pop out and sometimes when I start the game, the add will pop out too. Too many adds can reduce our passionate to use the app. I hope they can reduce the adds in the game.

Using game is a very clever and innovative way to market in the digital world. The game doesn’t sell cookies, but it makes me want to buy more!





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