Email Marketing: The Most Effective Way of Digital Marketing

I have been in American for more than half year now. To be honest, the usage of email here is definitely the top three in the list of “Things that surprise me most”.

Back in China, I seldom had chance to use any email, except that I may need an email to sign up for some accounts or as a security methods. But since I came here, I receive emails almost everyday. Some are from school, some from Amazon and some from different brands.


(Most effective digital marketing tactics worldwide in March 2016)


According to the data,  email is the most effective digital marketing method world wide, especially in US. As a marketing students, especially in the age of economic globalization, we need to understand the importance of email marketing and learn how to use it better.

I have read some news about email marketing.

The first article is named “Marketers are sending fewer emails & getting better open rates“. The article says According to SendGrid’s 2017 Email Benchmark report, the average email send rate has dropped from 9.8 sends per month in 2016 to 8.1 in 2017. Even though the send rates were down, the open rates increased. This means that instead of the quantity of emails, marketers are now pay more attention to the quality and the content of the emails they send. It is true that a lot of emails without good contents can only end with unopened or junk mail. This article also points out the growth of mobile email consumption. It’s true for me that I read almost all of my emails on my phone. I have email app and I can read my email whenever I want. I don’t need to wait until I have access to computer. So a mobile-responsive template is now very important to email marketing.


The second news I read is “Turn your email challenges into opportunities to get more personal“. This article is mainly about the how to use data to create personalized email marketing strategies. One thing that I like very much in this news is that the author pointed out that marketer should also look to external data signals generated by the customers. With all the data, marketers can design the right email to the right people at the right time. They should also coordinate triggered emails with digital advertising and website personalization. For me, a personalized email or website will definitely more appeal to me. It makes me think that they are target to me and I am a valued customer. Also the information they offer is always relevant to me, so that I can find something helpful. Personalization is a trend that every digital markers should follow.

Another article is “5 tips for sending an email blast without getting blacklisted“. We can’t personalize every email, we still need email blasts for most of time. Email blasts can be effective, but also easily to end up in the blacklists. This article give us 5 tips to avoid getting blacklisted. And one tip I think very important is “only email blast recipients who have opted in”. The double opt-in methods can be use for new subscribers to make sure if they want to receive email blasts. Now there is a very popular saying in China, which is “I will never reply to the text that is group-sent”. It is same with the email. Email blasts are very likely to be ignored or make people feel annoyed. It’s important to have strategies when sending the email blasts.

Email marketing is a very important digital marketing tool. Here is what I think the three most important things for email marketing: 1. Content. 2. Personalization. 3. Mobile response. A good email can give you the best results with the least costs. To be a successful marketer, think about email!


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