One day, we can “read” the food through wearable devices.

For my past blogs, they are all about digital marketing and snacks industry. For this blog, I am supposed to write about the wearable tech trend and how to use wearable tech in snacks industry. But at least for now, wearable devices almost have nothing to do with snacks industry. So I’m going to write about something else.


The wearable tech market is relatively young and is facing a massive growth. According to Statista, the value of global wearable devices market increased quickly in recent years, from 0.75 billion dollars in 2012 to 4.12 billion dollars in 2017, and will continue to grow. There are different types of wearable devices too. From fitness trackers, smartwatches, head-mounted displays to implantables, smart clothing and even smart jewellery, wearable devices are becoming smarter and smarter.

Now days people are very concerned about health issue. We use wearable devices to track how many steps we take everyday, track our heart rate and even sleeping quality. Except for exercise, food is another important issue about health. Organic food is getting more and more popular and people care about how many calories every meal contains. I think it will be a trend to use wearable tech in food and health industry.


We can already use wearable devices to track inner temperature, bloody pressure, blood sugar and some other physiological states, but mostly for medical purpose. As the technology improves, we can track more things with wearable devices. Why don’t we combine wearable tech with food and health industry?

For example, every time we eat something, the wearable devices can tell us how many calories, sugar and vitamin we take through the changes inside the body. And they can also give us advice about how many more sugar and vitamins we should take that day for the best healthy condition or they will warn us if we take too much fat. It is like we can read the food through those devices and have a nutrition expert around us. Also if the food cause some problems, such as allergy, poisoning or high blood pressure, the wearable devices can monitor what is happening inside our body and warn us in advance.

Eat healthily means a lot to the health of everyone. With the development of wearable tech, we can not only track information about exercise, also one day we can track information about our diet. I believe wearable tech can be revolutionary for food and health industry.


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