547829296439699478About me:

Name:  Zhinan Guo (Luis)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

School: New York University

Major:Integrated Marketing

Undergraduate School: University of International Business and Economics

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor in Finance

Interests: Performance, Music

Email: nxgzhn2016@gmail.com


Hi, everyone. I’m Zhinan Guo, you can also call me Luis. This is a Mexican name and when I  went to Cancun two month ago, everyone there were like ” wow your name is Luis!”. That was very interesting.

I think that the thing that I’m most proud of myself is that I like performance very much. During my undergraduate study, I joined the drama club in my school and became an active member for four years. I performed in more than 6 dramas and after the third year, I also tried director. I directed two shows and they turned to be quite successful. It was a very amazing feeling to see the show directed by myself on the stage.

Now I’m a marketing student in NYU. I hope I can also find my passion in the marketing area and make some achievements.